CINAG is a computer chess engine, which is the brain of a computer chess game.

This is the module which thinks about the game and try to find the best move for each position.

In order to be useable for human players, it must be used in conjunction with a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

CINAG communicate with this interface using the Universal Chess Interface (UCI) protocol so it can be used with Arena, Fritz, Shredder ...

CINAG use to be a full featured chess game with a 3D graphical interface, nevertheless it was really hard to concentrate the development on both the engine and the GUI, so we have decided to do a total rewrite of the engine and to forget the interface.

This choice allow us to take time to implement clever algorithms and to profile our code to reach a highly competitive level.

This is the list of features that we plan to use develop throw all the Cinag 2.x serie:

  • Bitboards
  • Fast Move Generator
  • MTD(f)
  • Static Exchange Evaluator
  • Hash Table
  • Full UCI Interface
  • Null Move Heurisitc
  • Quiescent Search
  • Nalimov Endgame Tablebases

There is currently no release for Cinag 2, as we are in the early development.

Main Programmer: Arnaud Payement

Contributor: Alexandre Chouvellon main programmer of pokdtc

A great thanks to everybody who takes time to write bugs reports.

Why creating another chess engine ? Chess is an old, well known game and chess programming is really a challenge because each rules is different and even the simplest one (like the 3 fold repetition) is really hard to implement.

Our goal is to create a quite strong opponent by using state of the art AI technics.

The minimum requirement for CINAG is:

Any pentium class processor or equivalent (only x86 family).

At least 256Mo of memory.